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News: G3ict to Acquire IAAP and Accelerate Growth of the Global Community of Accessibility Professionals
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shekhar arora on G3ict and the Centre for Internet and Society Announce Collaboration on White Paper Comparing Internet Accessibility Policies and Legislative Frameworks in 15 Countries across the World - thanks for the update. if you wanna know about cyber security or need any cyber assistance can chec... More
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Access to Justice

Laern more about how technology can help increase access to justice for persons with disabilities worldwide. Click to download the new G3ict paper submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Smart Cities for All

Learn more about the initiative that defines the state of ICT accessibility in Smart Cities worldwide at: smartcities4all.org

 Buy ICT for All

Learn about the portal that supports governments at all levels towards the effective policies for the public procurement of accessible ICTs at: buyict4all.org

Global Survey on Technology & Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities

Learn more about the results of the Global Survey on Technology & Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities. Click to Download Survey Results 

G3ict Global Charter for Accessible ICT Procurement

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