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Expert Zones

• Access the complete list of G3ict bloggers and read their articles on a wide ranging issues related to ICT accessibility.

Employability & Technology Zone
• Some of the most significant applications of inclusive and assistive ICTs occur in the workplace. This Expert Zone will explore both ICT solutions, as well as projects that are underway to increase and improve the employability of persons with disabilities. Experts consulted will include large employers of persons with disabilities, professionals with disabilities who rely on inclusive ICTs to perform their jobs, and non-profit initiatives working to create jobs for persons with disabilities. Blog by Debra Ruh. Follow Debra Ruh on Twitter.

ICT Accessibility & Government Services Zone
• Accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a core requirement in the new Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and government services plays a significant role in the removal of obstacles to its deployment. This Expert Zone looks at the state of accessible ICT and government services from an international perspective of the stakeholders involved, including consumers, policy makers, government entities, academia, businesses, innovators and disability rights advocates. Best practices and case studies will also be highlighted in order to promote the equalization of opportunities for the global community. Blog by Cynthia Waddell | In Memoriam: Accessibility Loses a Great Champion in Cynthia Waddell.

Disability Policy Zone
• Key to achieving widespread accessibility of ICTs for persons with disabilities is strictly enforced local disability policies. This Expert Zone seeks to explore what different countries and regions of the world are currently doing to write and enforce legislation and regulations that ensure equal access to ICTs for persons with disabilities. Blog by Inmaculada Placencia-Porrero.

Mass Marketing & Communications Zone
• This Expert Zone takes an in-depth look at the importance of taking ICT accessibility into account for marketing and communications. Experts from the industry will share insight on how to incorporate accessibility into marketing and communications in order to reach a large percentage of consumers, who are those with disabilities. Blog by Preety Kumar.

Industry Innovation Zone

• The Industry Innovation Zone seeks to shed light on a number of core opportunities in the accessible ICT market. Innovative assistive and inclusive ICT solutions will be discussed by experts from industry who have experienced the profitability and recognize the imperative of embracing the emerging market of accessible and assistive ICTs. Blog by Mike Paciello | Follow Mike Paciello on Twitter.

Harmonization & Standardization Zone
• The use of standardization to promote ICT accessibility is key in the accessibility movement. This Expert Zone will invite a number of experts on harmonization and standardization issues related to ICT accessibility to blog and launch interactive discussions that will further explore developments in this area. Blog by Hajime Yamada.