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Global Demographics

Global Demographics

global demographics

Disability Demographics

  • 16-18% of the world population lives with some kind of disability, including those related to aging
  • More than one billion people live with life-altering disabilities (vision, hearing, speech, cognitive and mobility)
  • Two thirds of this demography live in developing countries
  • 54 million persons with disabilities live in the United States
  • Disability is a key driver of poverty: 70% of blind persons in the United States are unemployed
  • Major impact of ICT accessibility on education, employment and social and cultural opportunities

ICT demographics

Global ICT Demographics: What’s at Stake

  • 1.3 billion personal computers
  • 2.7 billion Internet users (includes shared and mobile access)*
  • 1.4 billion telephone land lines
  • 2.4 billion TV sets
  • 2.4 billion radios
  • 6.8 billion mobile-cellular subscriptions*, 2+ billion text messaging users

* Source: ITU World Telecommunication ICT indicators database