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            Image: AT Centers Leadership Network logo
AT Centers Leadership Network

For Assistive Technology Centers of Excellence implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Mission and Membership
The AT Centers Leadership Network was formally launched in September 2011 in Doha, Qatar as a collaborative effort by G3ict and Mada – Qatar Assistive Technology Center – aimed at developing a network of such AT national expertise centers, in order: to promote and implement the dispositions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies.

AT Centers Leadership Network Members are Centers that:
• Are delivering services to persons with disabilities with diverse ranges of needs
• Operate or are influential at a state-wide level
• Operate with a dedicated organization and a governance including persons with disabilities
• Are committed to further the full implementation of the ICT accessibility and AT provisions of the CRPD
• Are willing and able to share know-how, competences and intellectual resources
• Serve or partner with multiple networks of organizations working with persons with disabilities in areas such as in education, workplace and rehabilitation
• Are willing to share a public profile on the AT Leadership web pages including basic information of their activities and interests
Objectives of the AT Centers Leadership Network
1. Share successful programs and practical experiences among AT Centers
2. Solicit feedback from stakeholders and provide input on policies and programs to policy makers implementing the CRPD
3. Benchmark progress made by States Parties in implementing CRPD policies related to Assistive Technologies
4. Explore leading-edge information and communication technology solutions, challenges and opportunities
5. Identify regional leaders and spokespersons to disseminate, share, and collaborate within a region
Areas of Peer Resources Sharing
1. Advisory and consulting practices
2. Identifying and supporting appropriate technology based assistive solutions for individuals with disabilities
3. Training resources & staff development
4. Managing ethical economic sustainability
5. Best practices in measuring impact from case studies to statistical methods
6. Compare and contrast models to learn and recommend for policy – funding, structures, involvement of persons with disabilities
7. Awareness and outreach
8. Support to innovation including Vendors and IT industry
9. Policy and promotion of ATs
Participant Resources
Network Overview (PowerPoint presentation, January 2012)
AT Centers Leadership Network Members' Charter
In the News
Related Events

Governance and Contributions
• AT Centers Leadership Network launched as a G3ict Collaborative Program
• Members have to commit to Charter and Governance of Network
• No financial contributions required from members (Coordination supported by G3ict)
• In-kind contributions and hosting of meetings by members welcome
• Quarterly conference call among members (unless in person meeting occurs during same time period)
• Industry and institutional observers supporting G3ict’s mission invited to selected group activities

Founding Participants
Image: founding members of the AT Centers Leadership Network
Image: Founding members of AT Centers Leadership Network

• David Banes, CEO, Mada - Qatar AT Center
• David Dikter, Executive Director, Assistive Technology Industry Association - ATIA, (U.S.A.)
• Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, AIAS Projects Office Coordinator, Emilia Romagna’s Regional Centre for Assistive Technology, (Italy)
• Shilpi Kapoor, Managing Director, BarrierBreak Technologies/Net Systems Informatics, (India)
• Jose Angel Martinez Usero, Director of international projects and relations, Technosite . ONCE Foundation, (Spain)
• Royson Poh, Senior Assistant Director, Technology & Vocational Training, Society for the Physically Disabled, (Singapore)
• Axel Leblois, Executive Director, G3ict, (Ex-Officio)
• Francesca Cesa Bianchi, VP, Institutional Relations, G3ict, (Ex-Officio)
• Mohammed Al-Tarawneh, Inaugural Chairperson, UN Committee on CRPD (Observer)
• David Rojas, Trust for the Americas/Organization of American States (Observer)
• Cid Torquato, SEDPcD (São Paulo, Brazil) (Observer)
• Phill Jenkins, IBM Corporation (Observer)
• James Thurston, Microsoft (Observer)
• Andrew Kirkpatrick, Adobe (Observer)