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Daily Headlines 
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What Would an Accessible Disabled-Friendly City Look Like?
Most cities are utterly unfriendly to people with disabilities – but with almost one billion estimated to be urban-dwellers by 2050, a few cities are undergoing a remarkable shift.
From The Guardian, February 14, 2018

GraceSigns, a Sign Language and Literacy App for Children with Disabilities
GraceSigns incorporates story, song, and video, to teach sign language and literacy to children with disabilities and their parents
From Marinij, February 12, 2018

India: Delhi Govt to Re-Develop Department Websites to Make Them Accessible
The Delhi government has decided to re-develop the websites of all its 180 departments to make them user-friendly including WCAG standards.
From India Today, February 11, 2018

Sri Lanka: Persons with Disabilities and Elderly Left Unable to Vote in Local Polls Due to Inaccessibility
Persons with disabilities and elderly voters were unable to exercise their franchise in the local bodies elections in Sri Lanka due to inaccessibility of services.
From MENAFN, February 10, 2018

UK: Member of Parliament Tulip Siddiq in Parliamentary Question Asks for Proportion of Accessible BBC Content
In a Parliamentary Question, MP Tulip Siddiq asked the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) about the proportion of BBC content that includes audio description in the United Kingdom.
From Digital TV Group, February 10, 2018

Malta: €3.3m EU Project to Train People with Disabilities, Families and Employers to Increase Participation in the Workforce
The project will provide specialized training for persons with disabilities, their families, and frontline workers, to help transition the disabled from school into the working world.
From Malta today, February 09, 2018

Dig Dog - The Video Game Coded Without Using a Keyboard or Mouse
A coder who wants to grow the speech-to-text coding community uses his fun game coded without using a keyboard or mouse to advocate.
From ARS Technica, February 09, 2018

Web Accessibility and Inclusive Design - one of the UX Design Trends for 2018
Artificial intelligence, smart home devices, Voice UI and Web accessibility have taken huge steps towards mainstream adoption. There is increasing reliance on technology to live and work, making web accessibility more crucial than ever before for an increasingly aging population.
From Digital Arts, February 08, 2018

University of Toronto Builds Device to Make Labs More Accessible
University of Toronto scientists have built an assistive lab device for students with disabilities that can pour, talk and record data, thus making science more accessible.
From University of Toronto, February 08, 2018

Digital Natives Will Get Old, Too
If technology becomes friendlier to the whole population, especially the booming numbers of older Americans, companies will find their business landscapes expanding along with their consumer base. The article explains why we need to start designing technology that includes the elderly from the start.
From Politico, February 07, 2018

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