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Daily Headlines 
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India: State Election Commission Plans App for Greater Inclusion
The state election department in West Bengal is preparing a mobile app ‘Anubhab’ designed for persons with disability to ensure their greater participation in the electoral process.
From DNA, August 24, 2018

Kenya: President Announces Measures to Empower Persons with Disabilities
The Kenyan President has announced several measures informing that the new Persons with Disability Bill 2018 has been approved by the Cabinet and will seek to empower Kenyans with disabilities.
From KBC, August 24, 2018

Access Bollywood: App Opens up Cinema to Indians with Visual Impairments
​An Indian app, XL Cinema can synchronize an audio description of a movie with its cinema audio track, and is viewed as a key step good start towards greater accessibility for persons with visual impairment.
From Guardian, August 24, 2018

Accessibility App for Persons with Visual Impairment Launched in US
A US company, RightHear has developed a smartphone solution to help make public buildings fully accessible to persons with visual impairment and has launched it in the US after being widely deployed in Israel.
From Land Mobile, August 23, 2018

​Kennesaw State University Awarded for Development of Closed Captioning Software System​
The Campus Technology Magazine awarded Kennesaw State University with its 2018 Impact Award in IT for its a closed captioning software system. The system is now used in more than 30 institutions in Georgia, US.
From The Sentinel, August 20, 2018

Developing Bionics: How IBM is Adapting Mind-Control for Accessibility
IBM Research has developed a method of controlling an off-the-shelf robotic arm with a brain-computer interface built using a take-home EEG monitor, thus operating tech gadgets using mind-control.
From The Next Web, August 18, 2018

How Google is Making its Technology More Accessible to Persons with Disabilities
In the past few years, Google has shifted the way that it thinks about accessibility, moving from grassroots advocacy to codified systems and now technology to help disabled people navigate widely.
From CNBC, August 18, 2018

South Korea: Seoul’s Taxi Drivers with Hearing Impairments Aided by App
Aided by new software developed for the "Silent Taxi" app that includes voice-to-text conversion, taxi drivers with hearing impairments for the first time experienced the benefits of technology to create inclusive and accessible transportation systems in Seoul.
From BBC, August 17, 2018

How to Improve Web Accessibility for Higher Education?
Five practical steps that colleges/universities can take to improve their online accessibility.
From Inside Higher Ed, August 16, 2018

UK: Government Announces Multimillion Pound Funding for Accessible Homes
The Department of Health and Social Care announced an extra £76 million a year of funding to make homes more accessible to persons with disabilities and enabling them to live independently.
From Thiis, August 15, 2018

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