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Daily Headlines 
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International Islamic University (IIU) President Calls for Accessibility of the University Website
At the launch of the Urdu version of the International Islamic University website, IIU president called for making the website compliant with the universal web accessibility standards for students.
From The News, April 11, 2018

Smart Devices with Features Designed to Keep Elderly Minds & Bodies Healthy Being Tested
From technology-assisted home-care services to accessible simplified apps, businesses are seeking to tap into a booming population of older adults and help them tackle challenges of modern aging.
From AJC, April 08, 2018

How Small Businesses in Australia Can Improve Website Accessibility for the Blind
To remain competitive, small businesses must ensure that their websites are inclusive to Australians with disabilities-customers & employees.The article outlines 3 things to optimize websites for all.
From Dynamic Business, April 07, 2018

Building Better Maps for the Disability Community
Google and a slew of startups are including accessibility information in apps to help people navigate the world if they use wheelchairs or have other disabilities.
From CNET, April 06, 2018

Web Accessibility: The Effort at Capital One Bank
Capital One Bank has not only placed emphasis on building accessibility into its products among developers and designers but also at the business level to provide leaders with self-service tools.
From SD Times, April 06, 2018

Accessibility Analysis of Luxury Watch Brand Websites
The Bureau of Internet Accessibility identified the top 25 highest-trafficked luxury watch brand websites and scanned each, creating a benchmark as to the overall web accessibility of the industry.
From Bureau of Internet Accessibility, April 04, 2018

US: Why The Number of New Jobs for People with Disabilities Grew Fourfold
According to data from the Institute on Disability, four times as many disabled people joined the workforce in 2016. Experts attribute the dramatic rise in employment to a host of factors including more accessible technology.
From The Christian Science Monitor, April 04, 2018

Boost UK Industry Through Assistive Tech, MPs and Academics Declare
The meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology explored assistive technology in relation to the UK Industrial Strategy, unveiled by the Government to boost the UK economy.
From E-Access Bulletin Live, April 02, 2018

USA: Are you a Member of a Public Association? Is Your Website Accessible to Persons with Disabilities? It is Time it Should Be.
Although associations often consider accessibility primarily in the context of their events it also applies to their websites. Following guidelines reduces legal risk and brings membership rewards.
From Associations Now, April 01, 2018

Utah Education Network Selects Blackboard Ally to Make Digital Course Content More Accessible
UEN Partners with Blackboard Inc. to focus on improved accessibility of course material for more than 210,000 Utah college students and 40,000 college faculty within 9 universities throughout Utah.
From Utah Education Network, April 01, 2018

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