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Articles written by Robert Pearson  Accessible Media

Complementing Accessibility Advocacy with Business and Technology

Do we need a new model approach to the discipline of accessibility, asks Robert Pearson. More

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Establishing a Professional Benchmark with Accessibility Certification

How do we ensure that companies and clients looking for qualified and specific accessibility knowledge base get access to the right professional? Robert Pearson highlights an important resource of the IAAP. More

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Accessibility of Media Content for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities

When it comes to meeting the telecommunications needs of persons with cognitive disabilities towards media and content access, a broad and versatile perspective must be taken, writes Robert Pearson. More

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Will Today's Accessibility Accommodations Stand the Test of Time?

Accessibility standards have always been devised based on the prevailing requirements for disability accommodation. How do we ensure these standards remain relevant today, asks Robert Pearson. More

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Tracking Disability Activity Through Wearable Devices

Robert Pearson recently discovered the benefits of owning a wearable device. How can wearable technology become accessible for persons with disabilities?  More

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Visual Emotional Learning and Inclusion

Can advances in television content accessibility lead the way towards inclusive emotional learning? Robert Pearson is affirmative. More

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Where Does Accessibility Begin for the Internet of Things Ecosystem?

Internet of Things has the potential to transform the landscape of accessibility and bring in system-wide inclusion for users of all abilities.  More

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Teaching Accessibility: How a New Initiative is Proving Inspirational for Professionals to Focus on ICTs in Education

Teaching Accessibility, an initiative founded by American industry, academic, institutions, and non-profit organizations aims to make knowledge in higher education accessible to students with disabilities.  More

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Discussing Disability and the Need for Accessible Accommodations

Robert Pearson writes about the importance of driving forward the accessibility agenda by being active participants in global and local accessibility events. More

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Let’s Go Beyond Compliance

Adopting accessibility and working towards a state of universal inclusion is a continuous business process necessary for achieving little inclusive milestones, writes Robert Pearson. More

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