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Next Step in European Legislation in Web Accessibility

Europe is moving from recommendations to legislation when it comes to accessibility. In September this year, the Web Accessibility Directive will enter intro force, with requirements for public sector in all EU member states to comply with the EN301549 standard when it comes to websites, extranets, intranets, documents and apps.  More

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Committed to Connecting the World - EFHOH at International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

EFHOH Voce President Lidia Best writes about the opportunities emerging out of its association with ITU. More

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Wayfindr Standard Issued to Address Exponentially Growing Indoor Audio Navigation Market

Last week, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has announced that it approved the Wayfindr Open Standard as a global standard. The new standard, called Recommendation ITU-T F.921, is recognized by the 193 ITU Member States and available for use by all seeking expert guidance on how to build and develop accessible interoperable communications infrastructure. More

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Persons with Disabilities Need Consistency, not Confusion, in Privacy Rules

Online privacy is an issue of real concern to all people, and especially for persons with disabilities, whose information disseminated online might be of very sensitive nature. We believe government should make sure companies are protecting their customers’ sensitive information. More

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Accessibility Tools for Content Creators

Frameweld is driving online accessibility via its suite of tools for closed captioning and e-learning, explain Ashish Shah and Len Cartsos. More

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Australian Government Calls for Accessible ICT

Australia will now be in line with other comparable countries in its public procurement of accessible ICT, promoting greater employment opportunities for people with disability in the public service and ensuring that all government information and services are accessible for all Australians. More

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Increasing Access to Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Sharon Kerr, CEO of Global Access Project, talks about the importance of sustained support services for students with disabilities towards an inclusive education system. More

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Q&A with Brian Scarpelli: TIA on Mobile Technology and Baby Boomers

Media Access Australia spoke to Brian Scarpelli, Director, Government Affairs at the US Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) following his chairing of a session on mobile technology and Baby Boomers at this year’s M-Enabling Conference. More

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Interview with Blake E. Reid: Challenges of Captioning and Copyrights

Media Access Australia spoke to Blake E. Reid, Assistant Clinical Professor at Colorado Law, following his chairing of a session at the M-Enabling Summit on copyright and third party captioning.  More

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Zero Project 2014: For a World Without Barriers

Under the motto, “No one can enjoy a human right to which one does not have access,” the international initiative Zero Project mobilized its worldwide network of more than 1,000 disability experts in late 2013 to map the state of the implementation of the CRPD and to find innovative practice and policy solutions on accessibility.  More

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