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ICT Accessibility: Are the Stars Lining Up?
By Axel Leblois  The Access Line

This Spring, several important steps mark a remarkable increase of momentum for the promotion of Digital Accessibility and Assistive Technologies.  More

Welcome to the Disability Policy Blog!
By Inmaculada Placencia-Porrero  Disability Policy Blog

Inmaculada Placencia-Porrero launches the dicussion on disability policy by addressing what the European Union is doing in the area of disability strategy and accessibility, focusing on the EU's "Action Plan" on "Establishing Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities".  More

Welcome to the Industry Innovation Blog!
By Mike Paciello  Industry Innovation Blog

Mike Paciello discusses how to achieve the Third Wave Accessibility. He addresses, among other issues, the creation of an accessible information architecture and next-generation information appliances and services based on common or standard human interfaces with built-in accessibility features.  More

Welcome to the ICT Accessibility and Government Services Blog!
By Cynthia Waddell  ICT Accessibility & Government Services Blog

Cynthia Waddell looks at the state of accessible ICT and government services around the world More

ICT Accessibility: Are the Stars Lining Up?
This Spring, several important steps mark a remarkable increase of momentum for the promotion of Digital Accessibility and Assistive Technologies. First and foremost, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities entered into force in May with more than 20 ratifications completed and 129 signatory states to date. A major success which will help promote a Global Digital Accessibility agenda for all stakeholders involved. Article 9 of the Convention, by including Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in its definition of Accessibility at par with buildings and transportation, creates a vast new field of opportunity for industry, standards development organizations and governments: each article of the Convention which mentions Accessibility does in fact open up new opportunities for innovation and for expanding services for persons with disabilities. It also include dispositions suggesting that signatory states actually partner or help the ICT industry in developing new solutions for persons with disabilities. Naturally, with a large number of countries now engaged in the process of implementing the Convention, many practical questions arise, in particular, which standards should governments promote in matters of ICT accessibility and assistive technologies.   More

Weekly Roundup of Headlines
» G3ict Chair H.E. Luis Gallegos, Ecuadorian Ambassador to the United States, Receives "Access Living" Leadership Award (in Spanish)
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